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Rondo Cross Small | 1-15 units

Rondo Cross Small | 1-15 units

SKU: 101

Price for orders of 1 up to 15 units. For other quantities please chose the correspondant article from the shop.

Small handmade wooden cross complete with rope for carrying around the neck.

Our most frequent buyers for this product are the parishes that, usually, offer it to children and adolescents during the ceremonies of First Communion or Confirmation. This object can be an original gift to be given as a memento of a particular moment or as a faithful companion of one's spiritual life.

For quantities starting from 16 units we have reduced prices. For price details please contact us.

The colour of the cross is highlighted by a light brushstroke of linseed oil bringing out all the qualities of natural wood.

Natural cherrywood with linseed oil

Measurements: 6 x 5 cm

Cord: black nylon

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